Shaving is one of the most important daily events in a man’s life. It reflects that a boy has finally grown into a man. It is the symbol of manliness. Shaving is like an art, it needs a lot to shave properly. Unfortunately, these days this art is becoming extinct. Today’s average men are absolutely clueless about the art of proper shaving. They do not know anything about the traditional wet shave. These days’ men mostly use the electric shavers or the disposable razors. With these you can shave, but not as satisfactorily as you can shave using a safety razor. A safety razor is a man’s best friend. It gives you the most comfortable shave that you ever experienced. By using a safety razor you can easily get a clean shave.

Unlike the disposable razors, shaving with a safety razor needs a bit of skill, practice and patience. Once mastered, you can shave much effectively. You should keep in mind these few steps in your mind:

• Use required amount of pressure. Do not use excess pressure. • Angle the blade as far away from your face as possible. • Shave with the grain • Go for beard reduction, not beard removal.

Thus by keeping these steps in mind you can easily get a clean and smooth shave.

A safety razor has these few advantages:

• Low cost: - your disposable razors and electric razors are quite expensive. More over these disposable and electric razors do not provide you an efficient shaving. Using a safety razor, you can get an effective shaving. • Reduce environmental impact: - the disposable razors use cartage blades. Unlike the safety razor they produce a lot of non biodegradable waste. In safety razors the only waste material is the metal blade and the lather down the sink. Thus these safety razors are environment friendly also. • Consistent shaves: - the electric razors and disposable razors often cause redness, skin irritation and cuts, whereas using a safety razor you can easily avoid these. Safety razors can provide you a very comfortable and smooth shave. After shaving with a safety razor your skin looks clean and healthy as you are using a single blade to cut your whiskers instead of several that chew your face.