Back pain is one of the major problems from which a lot of people are suffering. From young kids to middle aged people, from teen agers to old people lot of them are seen to be suffering from back pain.

Back pain is very much painful and irritating also. Its treatment is very expensive and the exercises required to be done as a treatment are also very difficult. In short is like a nightmare to all the patients suffering from it. It is very much painful. But, these days with the help advanced technologies and the advent of a new device known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or the TENS, your back pain will disappear in no time.

The TENS is a small battery operated device, containing leads connected to electrodes. Through self adhesive pads, these electrodes are attached to those areas where you experience your back pain, when the machine is turned on, small electrical impulses are delivered through those pads to your body and thus you feel a tingling sensation. The pain signals travelling to the brain and nervous systems are blocked by these electrical signals and reduce your pain. These electric signals also stimulate the production of our natural pain killers or endorphins. In other words, this device is miraculous; not only it reduces your pain through electrical signals, but also increases the production of endorphins. Not only back pain, the TENS can be used to reduce neck pain, knee pain, sports injuries, period pain and even arthritis. TENS is a safe treatment without any side effects.

As this machine is small and light weighted, it can be used anytime and anywhere you want. You shall position the pads on either side of your painful area, at least 1 inch apart. Keep the machine off while you attach the electrodes. Beware. Do not place the machine in these following areas:

• Numb areas

• Irritated or broken skin

• Varicose veins

• Mouth and eyes

• Near the heart

• Front side of your neck

If you place the electrodes on these spots it may cause you fatal injuries. Now just place the device on your painful areas, switch it on and forget your pain. Loads of people have used this device and got positive results, now it is your turn.