Are there any dangers or side effects of TENS unit? Answer: no there are no serious side effects or dangers associated with the use of TENS unit. This is very much safe to use. Only thing which you should make sure while using the unit is that you should not use it over your face, head and if you have pacemaker. Sometimes some people might face slight irritation on their skin when they use this unit which might occur if a person uses this unit for a longer period of time.

For how much time can I use this unit at a time?

Answer: the duration of time for which you can use the TENS unit all depends on the severity of the pain. But it is always advisable not to use the machine continuously for more than two hours. If you keep using it for more than the specified time there are chances that you might get irritation on skin and might even develop other side effects.

What are the problems that a TENS unit can help you with?

Answer: when you are thinking about how a TENS unit can help you and what are the various problems that it can help you to fix, there are hundreds of problem that it can help you with. It includes lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee related issues such as arthritis, sprains and lot more. Actually it will help you to cure and get out of any kind of pain.

Is TENS unit expensive?

Answer: usually there are number of brands of TENS units that are available for you in the market. The price of these units depends upon the brand that you have chosen. Actually this machine is very much affordable and can be obtained in various online stores. You can even buy various accessories that you need which using this machine online incase if you have got any problem while using the machine. Do I need prescription for TENT unit? Answer: yes. Before you go for TENS unit it is always better to consult your physician and buy the product according to his specifications. Though it is safe to be used by anyone it is always better to take the advice of doctors and then use.