Just like human beings have allergic reactions to different things, cats can too. This may sound a bit surprising considering cats can roll around in dirt, carpet, and even the litter box and seem to be joyous. There are times when they can get allergies, and it may not seem as obvious as you may think. Finding the issue and getting a bit of help is crucial to ensuring their longevity, and happiness. Some things will no doubt need a veterinarian to help. However, there are some things that you can do to change and help your pet’s reactions to certain things. With that in mind, consider the following things that you can start working with in order to ensure allergies are not a problem.

Food Problems

It’s not unlikely that your cat may become allergic to the food that you’re giving them. A grand majority of pet food has ash and gluten in it. This may sound like an insane projection, but it usually is safe. That is until they become allergic. As a cat ages, their digestion cycles can change and be less adaptive to what you’re giving them. You’ll see that they will throw up a great deal as a result of the food that you give them. When you see that this is occurring, you need to start shifting their diet to something different. Do not just change overnight. Slowly introduce new, natural, gluten and grain free foods to them. Over time, they’ll stop throwing up and get back to pouncing on cat toys.

The Litter Box

There are several problems that can come up with the litter box. First of all, litter can be dusty. The lower quality of litter you purchase will cause serious damage to the eyes of your cat. The dust can cause serious allergic reactions to some cats, and therefore you’ll need to buy 100% dust free litter. Not only that, you have to rush in and clean things up before it settles and causes problems. If your cat has constant weepy eye, monitor their activities near the litter box. You’ll be surprised by what you see, especially if you’re purchasing dusty litter. To alleviate this, get dust free options, and install an automatic litter box. This will allow for fast, and easy cleaning.

Skin Problems

Flea medications can cause allergic reaction. This usually causes redness and burning at the sight of where you place the flea medication. If you’re using a cream or serum topically, be careful about this. If you see redness or fur that has fallen off, it’s time to go to the vet. Your vet will give you a prescription for something that is going to be less invasive and will cause less strain on your pet’s coat.

These are just some of the things that you should be mindful of when you have a cat or multiple cats. There are a lot of different allergies that can rise up, but the above are just some of the common occurrences. As long as you have a regular scheduled vet visit, your pets will be just fine.