Looking for the best of TENS unit? Your search ends here and we bring to you the most progressive form of TENS and EMS device in one possible handy set to relieve you of tired sore and aching muscles.When you have pains and aches in your body, the EMS unit will aid in alleviating the discomfort. As a first time buyer, one tends to get a little lost and not know which device is best suited for your pain we are here to help you understand the difficult terminology. These devices have adjustable manual settings that are accessible. Some units are easy to carry for they are small in size and portable and can be carried anywhere conveniently.

Features of best TENS 7000 unit

This article will help you overcome the unacquainted mechanical jargon with the elucidations for TENS 7000 unit. The tough small units have adaptable settings that are user responsive. One can also set their personal choices or use the stipulated utilities. Some TENS units are portable so they can be carried in a pocket or purse and carried while traveling. With the given information it will be easier to select a TENS/EMS stimulator which is a hassle free process. TENS 7000 units are intended to get rid of pain and are not mere fashion accessories. Instead of judging the appearance one should read all kinds of reviews on the performances of the TENS units out there. It has been on the market for many years and this little silver device is doing something right for one’s body. The only disadvantage is that it does not have a recharging facility.

Variety of Modes and Settings in TENS 7000

It has more to it than just the sleek appearance as it comes with an impressive set of features and candid maneuver. Here it shall be explained to you about what this machine can offer and also that it is rated very highly. The dual channel TENS machine has 5 modes, can use up to 4 pads, has 8 concentration levels, an adaptable beat width, and beat rate and comes with a solid shell carrying case. In TENS 7000’s settings, there are 5 kinds to select from and they are burst, normal, SD1, SD2, and modulation. The instruction manual helps a lot in enlightening on how what each mode works and what it does. Along with these modes, one will find 3 other adjustable settings which is intensity, pulse width, frequency.

This combination of the 5 modes and 3 settings gives one a massive expanse of selections and elasticity for the TENS therapy. Other available devices will not have half as much control and if one cannot find anything that suits their requirements, other options will be available. TENS 7000 authorizes the user by allowing one to twist the controls until the best possible setting depending on the pain and requirements is found. Another nice feature is the timing function where one can decide on exactly for how long the therapy is going to last. The TENS Unit is quite portable, particularly when it is compared to some other tools within the same price range.

Unlimited Customization

What can be concluded hence from these features is that the machine allows an individual to customize according to their preference. It has no restrictions unlike other devices within the same price range.