Finding the Cash

Jan 23, 2017

If you have an ATM business, then you’ve already done your research and found it to be one of the most lucrative businesses you could have chosen to be in. The ATM business is easy to manage and operate, and you’re all but guaranteed a profit from your customers…that is, those that can find your machines.

A lot of the problem that most ATM owners face is finding ideal locations to put their cash machines. It may seem that this is a no-brainer since everybody at one time or another needs to get to an ATM machine. Surprisingly however, there are some business owners who are often surprised by the lack of traffic that their machines often get. Is this lack of traffic due to location, visibility, dependability or availability? Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Cash machine owners must understand that customers who frequent ATM machines are those who need convenience and flexibility. If your machines are in the right place, at the right time, and at the right locations, then your profits are all but guaranteed, and a happy customer you will make!


ATM locationAlthough it may not seem or sound like a big enough deal, but location is crucial to the success of your ATM cash business. There are definitely good spots AND bad spots where you can position your ATM machines. Put it in the wrong place (or a not-as-good-as-can-be place), and your profits suffer. Put the machine in the right place (such as, IDEAL), and your profits soar. Where are little known and good spots?

Outdoor concerts and venues Traveling fairs and carnivals Schools (colleges, high schools, universities) Visibility

As if location itself weren’t important enough, the visibility of your ATM machine is the second most important consideration for you to look at once you’ve found the ideal spot.

It doesn’t do your machine any good to be in the ideal spot, but no one can see it or doesn’t even know it’s there. Steer clear of placing the machine behind venues where it’s likely the machine won’t be seen. If it’s permissible with the venue’s owners or managers, ask to have signs pointing to where your machines will be located on the property. This is something that is certainly workable with negotiating, especially if there are multiple ATM’s on the site.

Also, when you’re looking for good visibility, also be aware of security and placing the machine where people won’t be worried about using the machine. Place in a well-lit, approachable place where there’s a fair amount of foot traffic, but not too crowded. You also don’t want customers to feel uneasy if there’s TOO much traffic around him while he’s making a transaction.


Now that customers know where the machines are located at the fantastic venue or permanent location, you’ll need to be sure that your machines are operating in good condition and well-stocked. There is nothing as aggravating to an ATM customer as to traipse all over the venue or site to get to your machines….and they don’t work!

Make it a point to perform routine maintenance on the ATM machines to ensure that they’re all working properly. Do this especially, and more importantly, before big events. If there are any problems that arise with the unit, have them serviced as soon as possible. In the case of machines that are inoperable for long periods of time, use an alternative solution. If you own multiple machines in the same venue, direct customers to where they can find your other cash machines on the property.

Also, make sure the cash is in the machines, and in sufficient denominations for the customers. This is a task that you will want to check on more often than a couple of times a week, especially if the machine is in a permanent location.


Where there’s an ATM machine, there will certainly be customers who will use it. With that, there needs to be machines available for them to use. In other words, be creative about where you choose to put your cash machines. If the places are safe enough and have high foot and/or car traffic, then your machine will certainly get some customers and make a profit. But, if there’s not an option for them to use, no one profits on either side.

Just by taking a little time to ramp up your ATM cash machine marketing efforts can make all the difference in your bottom line. Get creative with your placements, and take all of the above steps into consideration with your business. Provide a way for customers to find the cash machines, and you’ll have a way to make your business a successful one.

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3 Reasons to Travel Full Time

Nov 9, 2016

Full time travelers enjoy a lot when the journeys are well arranged and funded. People can be full-time travelers for various reasons chief among them being adventure and professional purposes. In places like Philadelphia, many full time travelers use Limo cars for them to travel. These cars are known for their ability to reach any place without any damage or technical issues. Philadelphia limo service is opted for by people regularly because many like luxurious full time travel. So it is good to keep their cars in good condition.

Enjoy the beauty of special places and Iconic figures. There are those things that you learnt in the books, saw on the internet and watched on the movies and TVs. It is clear that you want to have a close view and perhaps a touch of them. They could be historical, educational or any kind but they amazed you. Becoming a full time traveler gives you the opportunity to explore and know these things in detail. You can take photos and keep them for remembrance. Many full time travelers visit the iconic places, they ensure that they have the real view of the place apart from just the virtual images they see on the media.

You get known to the world and learn many things as you make international friends. You become a local to the universe, not just your home country when you travel a lot. You learn new languages, you get to know many cultural practices and you will be able to understand the diversity in humans and nature in general. You therefore broaden your thinking, your knowledge and become more enlightened than before. Travelling a lot is an inspiration itself and you can inspire a lot of people through travelling because you will know a lot of things. You meet new friends, learn new things and become a world native. limo Know new inventions and technologies. So much is happening but people don’t know. For you to know and understand some of these things, you need to travel a lot. You get to know new invented things both traditionally and technologically. A country like China is full of inventions but you can’t know them until you visit there. Make sure that you ask for these inventions everywhere you go. You can write stories about them and inspire people and can enlighten them as well. Travelers are always learning new things wherever they go.

For you to travel safe and wonderful, find a good method of travel that you can afford. Depending on the journey, every journey should be well prepared for to avoid inconveniences and hindrances. Know the places you want to go before you plan for a travel to that place. Make sure that you travel with friends with the same ambitions for you to accomplish your goals in a fun and enjoyable way. Always make sure that you use comfortable cars like Limousines for excellent travel. Philadelphia limo service will make you to travel safe always because of the good care of the car offered to ensure that the car is excellent.

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3 reasons why tourists should use Vancouver Limo

Oct 21, 2016

*What is the first thing you do after you land in Vancouver? You greet your chauffeur and get into your chauffer ride. It’s not a joke, it’s real. Why tourists use Vancouver Limo? Read on and find out:

#1 Traffic, stress and everything that goes with that When you’ll get off the plane is most likely to experience two things:

A) Seat at a queue for a rental car, waste time to complete forms to get a car that may be older than your son, you need to buy extra insurance you don’t need then, you will most probably pay for tolls, for the gas, you’ll need a GPS to get to the hotel, you will spend a lot of your time in traffic killing your tourist vibe – the operative word here is “tourist”, tourists don’t waste time, they get out there to explore the city

B) Forget about the rental car but you will still need to get to the hotel so you choose a cab, again you are a tourist, tourists should not take cabs, avoiding cabs should be on a guide like “10 things you should NOT do as a tourist”

#2 Comfort

What else is there when you are on vacation? You are not stressed about the luggage, the road, the traffic, germs…not a thing. Vancouver Limo is the perfect way to start you vacation, laid back in a limo that smells nice, has lots of magazines and, if you really want to, champagne…And your chauffeur speaks the same language you are, has a good attitude and if you ask, he’ll tell all about the nice things you need to visit. What a nice way to start your vacation, right?

#3 Safety

You are in an unfamiliar city, in another country. Safety is your number one concern, if you are with your family this concern may be the only thing that could ruin you vacation. But make no mistakes because when you are riding in a Vancouver limo you have all the insurance that you are safe. Your chauffer has a thorough background check, he is tested very month and the service itself is insured for everything that could go wrong and this insurance extends automatically to you and your family members. Now, that is what we call a vacation!

These are just 3 reasons why tourists should use Vancouver Limo, we assure you that there are at 3 more. The meaning of the word Tourist is: a person who is travelling or visiting a place for pleasure. Wasting time on queues, being stuck in traffic, worrying about safety, feeling uncomfortable in a shared ride does not resonate with pleasure. Choosing Vancouver Limo will not be a waste will be a gain for you and your family, you will explore everything safely and stress free. If you ever choose to be a tourist in Vancouver, trust us and use Vancouver Limo, is one of the best things Vancouver has to offer.


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Best TENS 7000 Unit

Jun 29, 2016

Looking for the best of TENS unit? Your search ends here and we bring to you the most progressive form of TENS and EMS device in one possible handy set to relieve you of tired sore and aching muscles.When you have pains and aches in your body, the EMS unit will aid in alleviating the discomfort. As a first time buyer, one tends to get a little lost and not know which device is best suited for your pain we are here to help you understand the difficult terminology. These devices have adjustable manual settings that are accessible. Some units are easy to carry for they are small in size and portable and can be carried anywhere conveniently.

Features of best TENS 7000 unit

This article will help you overcome the unacquainted mechanical jargon with the elucidations for TENS 7000 unit. The tough small units have adaptable settings that are user responsive. One can also set their personal choices or use the stipulated utilities. Some TENS units are portable so they can be carried in a pocket or purse and carried while traveling. With the given information it will be easier to select a TENS/EMS stimulator which is a hassle free process. TENS 7000 units are intended to get rid of pain and are not mere fashion accessories. Instead of judging the appearance one should read all kinds of reviews on the performances of the TENS units out there. It has been on the market for many years and this little silver device is doing something right for one’s body. The only disadvantage is that it does not have a recharging facility.

Variety of Modes and Settings in TENS 7000

It has more to it than just the sleek appearance as it comes with an impressive set of features and candid maneuver. Here it shall be explained to you about what this machine can offer and also that it is rated very highly. The dual channel TENS machine has 5 modes, can use up to 4 pads, has 8 concentration levels, an adaptable beat width, and beat rate and comes with a solid shell carrying case. In TENS 7000’s settings, there are 5 kinds to select from and they are burst, normal, SD1, SD2, and modulation. The instruction manual helps a lot in enlightening on how what each mode works and what it does. Along with these modes, one will find 3 other adjustable settings which is intensity, pulse width, frequency.

This combination of the 5 modes and 3 settings gives one a massive expanse of selections and elasticity for the TENS therapy. Other available devices will not have half as much control and if one cannot find anything that suits their requirements, other options will be available. TENS 7000 authorizes the user by allowing one to twist the controls until the best possible setting depending on the pain and requirements is found. Another nice feature is the timing function where one can decide on exactly for how long the therapy is going to last. The TENS Unit is quite portable, particularly when it is compared to some other tools within the same price range.

Unlimited Customization

What can be concluded hence from these features is that the machine allows an individual to customize according to their preference. It has no restrictions unlike other devices within the same price range.


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10 Insider Tips For Purchasing The Perfect Electric Smoker

May 15, 2016

When wanting to cook meat an electric smoker can be a perfect way but finding the electric smoker can be hard so I will be giving you 10 inside tips for purchasing an electronic meat smoker so that you will know how to get the best bang for your buck. Let’s get started with these tips:

Tip 1- Know Your Budget:

When purchasing an electric smoker or a vacuum sealer, know that there are other kinds of smokers for meat out there, and electric smokers are great to use but can be expensive so for this reason the #1 inside tip for buying an electric smoker that will be perfect for you is to find one that is on sale and that has decent size so you can but heavy amount of meats inside of it. Do not believe for one moment that all electric smokers are going to cost the same and be of the same rate as that is simply not true.

Tip 2 - Look at Customer Reviews for Electric Smokers:

Purchasing something is fun, and often time’s people go about it too quickly. The way to go about it to get the perfect electric smoker is going to be checking out customer reviews and seeing what kind of experiences that other people have had with this kind of smoker and if the smoker worked for a long period of time, or if it shorted out too and broke or didn’t cook correctly. These things in the sentence previous are reasons not to get a certain electronic meat smoker, but those same reasons can help point you to the electric smoker that is going to work best for you.

Tip 3 - Know what kinds of meat you will be cooking:

With electronic smokers you are able to put the meat in, but do you know how much meat you are going to be cooking normally with the smoker? If not then you are going to be having a hard time because all electronic smokers are different sizes and that being said make sure to get one of a proper size and you can do this by knowing what meat you will be cooking with the electronic meat smoker.

Tip 4 - Look for Online Specials:

When shopping often going to a store is the first option everyone does. But the truth is when you go to the store the store owner has to pay for fees to have you greeted and also to have you checked out. Online there isn’t such a problem for the store owner so this will be able to bring you the electronic meat smoker at a better rate which will in the end save you money, this is one of the best tips of the article as it will save you money when purchasing.

Tip 5 - Learn More About Electronic Meat Smokers:

When you are shopping for your first electronic meat smoker you need to know what is features are included in the meat smoker, such as a timer or even a long cord. All of these things matter as you know what you want a long cord or even a timer on the electronic smoker and if you need these features you may have to pay extra for them but again you will want these features so know your electronic meat smoker and don’t get one with features that you won’t use as more features often mean more money.

Tip 6 - Don’t Buy The First Electronic Smoker You See:

Whether you are shopping online or not shopping online you are not going to want to purchase an electronic smoker the first one you see, even if you believe it to be the best possible how would you know when you haven’t viewed other ones? You wouldn’t be is the answer so follow this tip and check out multiple electronic meat smokers before you decide to purchase one.

Tip 7 - Try To Get An Electric Smoker That You Can Return:

Some companies will let you return a product as long as it is not broken or dirty while other companies won’t. Try to get a company that will let you return the electric smoker for a certain period of time if the smoker is not going to be working out for you and you want to buy a different one doing this will save you money in the long run so check with the online or in-store manager if you are going to be getting an electric meat smoker.

Tip 8 - Know Your Budget And Keep To It:

When shopping for anything including an electronic meat smoker you will need to make sure to know how much you can spend and try not to spend over that doing this will ensure that you will be able to afford good meat for the smoker and not have to take into money savings to do so.

Tip 9 - Try To Find A Coupon Or Online Deal:

When shopping for an electric meat smoker quality is important and just because something has a coupon on it doesn’t mean you are going to be getting bad quality is just means you are going to get extra savings. The main reason people put a coupon on something is not because they want that specific product sold but because they want to sell you other products as well. So purchase using a coupon or online deal when purchasing an electric meat smoker.

Tip 10 - Rent A Electric Meat Smoker Before Buying:

If you have never had an electric meat smoker before you are going to want to rent one or borrow one from a friend that way you are able to know how to use one first hand and if this smoker is something you are going to want to use.

All of these tips above will help you and are the inside tips needed to purchasing an electric meat smoker so go ahead and follow them and have fun cooking all kinds of meat inside of them, decide the meat you will cook first and go ahead and cook it once you have purchased your electronic meat smoker.

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Tips to purchase a proper pregnancy pillow

Apr 13, 2016

During pregnancy, a woman’s body will change significantly. With those changes comes a great deal of stress in just trying to do simple things. For instance, getting a good night’s sleep is going to be a little tougher than usual. With the coming months, sleeping will be tougher and tougher overall. It’s for that reason that many seek out a bit of help to get more rest. That’s where the use of a pregnancy pillow comes into play. This option is one of the best solutions that you are going to find to help alleviate the pain, stress, and issues related to getting to sleep. Before you purchase anything, however, it’s imperative that you consider a few tips to help you get the right solution moving forward.

Locate the Discomfort

First and foremost, consider where the discomfort is coming from. Some women will find that their legs hurt, or their back hurts, meanwhile others will have neck pain. Finding the source of the pain is a good starting point. This will help you purchase the right shape, size, and option overall. Do not overlook this issue. If you can’t figure out the discomfort, or it’s too early to tell, then consider where your potential risk factors may be. There should be some thought taken to this option up front.

Consider The Quality of The Pillow

Some people look at the cost of a pillow before making their decision. This is a good idea up front. However, do not skip out on the notion that the more you spend, the better the quality. This is not always the case, but when it comes to the right materials overall, it’s going to be very important to consider overall. Do not assume that all pillows are made the same, they aren’t. Consider the materials used, the stitching, the care instructions, and other details. The more you know about the option that you’re going to buy, the higher the chances are that it will help you get some rest.

Read Reviews

One of the essential tips worth investigating is the option of reviews. Read through the existing reviews and options that abound within this category. Dig deeper than just one or two sites. Look at forums, and try to gauge what other women are saying about certain pillows. You’ll be surprised with what you are going to find amidst your research. If you just look for real opinions and reviews, you will get pointed in the right direction. Pregnancy pillows can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, raw materials, and more. It can get confusing, so take the time to look at what others are saying and then move forward. If you take your time, you are going to end up with a good solution that will help you get some rest.

Every woman’s body and pregnancy experience is different. It’s for that reason that there is no “one” option that fits all needs. Take time to balance things out, and you’ll find yourself making the right choice overall.

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How to shave using a safety razor

Dec 7, 2015

Shaving is one of the most important daily events in a man’s life. It reflects that a boy has finally grown into a man. It is the symbol of manliness. Shaving is like an art, it needs a lot to shave properly. Unfortunately, these days this art is becoming extinct. Today’s average men are absolutely clueless about the art of proper shaving. They do not know anything about the traditional wet shave. These days’ men mostly use the electric shavers or the disposable razors. With these you can shave, but not as satisfactorily as you can shave using a safety razor. A safety razor is a man’s best friend. It gives you the most comfortable shave that you ever experienced. By using a safety razor you can easily get a clean shave.

Unlike the disposable razors, shaving with a safety razor needs a bit of skill, practice and patience. Once mastered, you can shave much effectively. You should keep in mind these few steps in your mind:

• Use required amount of pressure. Do not use excess pressure. • Angle the blade as far away from your face as possible. • Shave with the grain • Go for beard reduction, not beard removal.

Thus by keeping these steps in mind you can easily get a clean and smooth shave.

A safety razor has these few advantages:

• Low cost: - your disposable razors and electric razors are quite expensive. More over these disposable and electric razors do not provide you an efficient shaving. Using a safety razor, you can get an effective shaving. • Reduce environmental impact: - the disposable razors use cartage blades. Unlike the safety razor they produce a lot of non biodegradable waste. In safety razors the only waste material is the metal blade and the lather down the sink. Thus these safety razors are environment friendly also. • Consistent shaves: - the electric razors and disposable razors often cause redness, skin irritation and cuts, whereas using a safety razor you can easily avoid these. Safety razors can provide you a very comfortable and smooth shave. After shaving with a safety razor your skin looks clean and healthy as you are using a single blade to cut your whiskers instead of several that chew your face.

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Cats Get Allergies Too – Clearing Things Up

Nov 2, 2015

Just like human beings have allergic reactions to different things, cats can too. This may sound a bit surprising considering cats can roll around in dirt, carpet, and even the litter box and seem to be joyous. There are times when they can get allergies, and it may not seem as obvious as you may think. Finding the issue and getting a bit of help is crucial to ensuring their longevity, and happiness. Some things will no doubt need a veterinarian to help. However, there are some things that you can do to change and help your pet’s reactions to certain things. With that in mind, consider the following things that you can start working with in order to ensure allergies are not a problem.

Food Problems

It’s not unlikely that your cat may become allergic to the food that you’re giving them. A grand majority of pet food has ash and gluten in it. This may sound like an insane projection, but it usually is safe. That is until they become allergic. As a cat ages, their digestion cycles can change and be less adaptive to what you’re giving them. You’ll see that they will throw up a great deal as a result of the food that you give them. When you see that this is occurring, you need to start shifting their diet to something different. Do not just change overnight. Slowly introduce new, natural, gluten and grain free foods to them. Over time, they’ll stop throwing up and get back to pouncing on cat toys.

The Litter Box

There are several problems that can come up with the litter box. First of all, litter can be dusty. The lower quality of litter you purchase will cause serious damage to the eyes of your cat. The dust can cause serious allergic reactions to some cats, and therefore you’ll need to buy 100% dust free litter. Not only that, you have to rush in and clean things up before it settles and causes problems. If your cat has constant weepy eye, monitor their activities near the litter box. You’ll be surprised by what you see, especially if you’re purchasing dusty litter. To alleviate this, get dust free options, and install an automatic litter box. This will allow for fast, and easy cleaning.

Skin Problems

Flea medications can cause allergic reaction. This usually causes redness and burning at the sight of where you place the flea medication. If you’re using a cream or serum topically, be careful about this. If you see redness or fur that has fallen off, it’s time to go to the vet. Your vet will give you a prescription for something that is going to be less invasive and will cause less strain on your pet’s coat.

These are just some of the things that you should be mindful of when you have a cat or multiple cats. There are a lot of different allergies that can rise up, but the above are just some of the common occurrences. As long as you have a regular scheduled vet visit, your pets will be just fine.

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How to Relieve your back pain using TENS

Oct 19, 2015

Back pain is one of the major problems from which a lot of people are suffering. From young kids to middle aged people, from teen agers to old people lot of them are seen to be suffering from back pain.

Back pain is very much painful and irritating also. Its treatment is very expensive and the exercises required to be done as a treatment are also very difficult. In short is like a nightmare to all the patients suffering from it. It is very much painful. But, these days with the help advanced technologies and the advent of a new device known as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or the TENS, your back pain will disappear in no time.

The TENS is a small battery operated device, containing leads connected to electrodes. Through self adhesive pads, these electrodes are attached to those areas where you experience your back pain, when the machine is turned on, small electrical impulses are delivered through those pads to your body and thus you feel a tingling sensation. The pain signals travelling to the brain and nervous systems are blocked by these electrical signals and reduce your pain. These electric signals also stimulate the production of our natural pain killers or endorphins. In other words, this device is miraculous; not only it reduces your pain through electrical signals, but also increases the production of endorphins. Not only back pain, the TENS can be used to reduce neck pain, knee pain, sports injuries, period pain and even arthritis. TENS is a safe treatment without any side effects.

As this machine is small and light weighted, it can be used anytime and anywhere you want. You shall position the pads on either side of your painful area, at least 1 inch apart. Keep the machine off while you attach the electrodes. Beware. Do not place the machine in these following areas:

• Numb areas

• Irritated or broken skin

• Varicose veins

• Mouth and eyes

• Near the heart

• Front side of your neck

If you place the electrodes on these spots it may cause you fatal injuries. Now just place the device on your painful areas, switch it on and forget your pain. Loads of people have used this device and got positive results, now it is your turn.

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Frequent questions on TENS unit and their answers

Sep 24, 2015

Are there any dangers or side effects of TENS unit? Answer: no there are no serious side effects or dangers associated with the use of TENS unit. This is very much safe to use. Only thing which you should make sure while using the unit is that you should not use it over your face, head and if you have pacemaker. Sometimes some people might face slight irritation on their skin when they use this unit which might occur if a person uses this unit for a longer period of time.

For how much time can I use this unit at a time?

Answer: the duration of time for which you can use the TENS unit all depends on the severity of the pain. But it is always advisable not to use the machine continuously for more than two hours. If you keep using it for more than the specified time there are chances that you might get irritation on skin and might even develop other side effects.

What are the problems that a TENS unit can help you with?

Answer: when you are thinking about how a TENS unit can help you and what are the various problems that it can help you to fix, there are hundreds of problem that it can help you with. It includes lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee related issues such as arthritis, sprains and lot more. Actually it will help you to cure and get out of any kind of pain.

Is TENS unit expensive?

Answer: usually there are number of brands of TENS units that are available for you in the market. The price of these units depends upon the brand that you have chosen. Actually this machine is very much affordable and can be obtained in various online stores. You can even buy various accessories that you need which using this machine online incase if you have got any problem while using the machine. Do I need prescription for TENT unit? Answer: yes. Before you go for TENS unit it is always better to consult your physician and buy the product according to his specifications. Though it is safe to be used by anyone it is always better to take the advice of doctors and then use.

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